Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dangle Earrings & Matching Necklaces Pendant

New in the accessories line are dangle earrings and matching necklace pendant. Nice for your doll and you can always matched it with your outfit. 

School Supplies

Things you can put on your table can really be varied. Pictures above showing you how to filled up your table with school stuff such as books, pencils, colored pencils and drawing book. How to make books and pencils can be found in one of My Froggy Stuff videos in youtube

Yogurette Table

This table made out of yogurette box. It's a chocolate box. I didn't paint or cover it because it already had a nice picture. For the leg I used wooden clothes pins and wooden hand-fan that broken. I glue the leg to the box and then glue the fan. Put your stuff on top of it such as books, pencils, etc. Pair it with chair and your table ready to use.

Friday, September 28, 2012


I have to look out to Ikea katalog to find out how the bookend called. New word for me since I don't use English as my first language. Anyway... the idea came up when I start making books for my dolls. I don't make too many books that need a bookcase but I need something to keep it stand up on the table. So I'm thinking about making a bookend.

To make a bookend, I just need small paper clips. I bend one part of the paper clip until it shape like 'L'. And your bookend ready to use. If you don't have a wall to hold your books on the other end, so you need 2 bookends to keep your book stand. It's so easy to make and also simple.

Wooden Leg Stool

Another inspiration I got from My Froggy Stuff. Yeah sure, she's really creative and plenty of idea. This time I use a water gallon cap for the seat part and chopsticks for the leg. It's not easy to find wooden dowel here in Jakarta. So I have to be creative just like froggy mama. With old fabric and glue gun, the stool turn out pretty nice.

No Sew, No Glue Chair

Still inspired by My Froggy Stuff. I'm using Pringles canister and old t-shirt. It turn out pretty nice for my 11,5 inches doll :)


Inspired by My Froggy Stuff, I was planning to make the chair. Fortunately my sister brought ice cream from her office. So after eating ice cream, I told everyone to collect the stick. So far I got 6 sticks. So I only able to make one chair. This chair is quite easy to make but a bit tricky with the legs. One of the chair leg keep sticking out. Well, there's nothing perfect in this life :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Purple Sofa

This is the third sofa I make. I use felt to cover the sofa. This time I make it differently from before. This time I cover all the cardboard and sew it with sewing machine. To joint all part I also sew it together. This is quite similar with my first sofa. I also add decoration pillows with lighter color than the sofa with pink accent.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Liv Doll

Watching My Froggy Stuff makes me thinking about collecting another dolls other than Barbie. My choices are Liv Doll or BFC Ink. Because they have a nice face and they have articulate joint. But finally I choose Liv Doll because it's price and size. The price and size are about the same with Barbie Doll. Although Liv Doll has bigger head than Barbie. This doll also using a wig that you can change. The eyes look so real make the doll look really pretty. With the same price as Barbie, Liv Doll give more such as another set of dress, hair brush, bag, earring, and other tools depend on your doll. From all the choices, I choose Alexis It's My Nature for my first collection. Because the doll wasn't available in Indonesia, I decided to buy it online and sent to my friend who's stay in London for a while and will coming back to Indonesia. 

Yesterday I met my friend and she bring my doll. I'm so happy and I like it so much... Can't wait to make dresses and other things for her... Wait up for my review, I just get her out of the box.