Thursday, July 26, 2012

Space for My Barbie Project

I'm just looking around at My Froggy Stuff and realize that they just post plenty of new things. Can't stop reading it. And suddenly it flashed in my mind that I want a space to put my barbie project and take picture of it. Now my head thinking faster than my hand can move...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Green Dress for Skipper

This Skipper owned by my little sister. I made this dress out of my imagination with my scrap yarn. It look so sexy on her. I think this Skipper has a prettier face than I remember :)

My Half Barbie

The tittle may sound funny. But that's a fact. Not really half in physically but more like the ownership. My sister & I bought this barbie after we collect some point in one of supermarket. We can bought it with small amount of money if we have a certain amount of point. Since my sister didn't have a barbie so we bought this barbie. So it's only half mine. Although in reality I played this barbie most of the time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


New shoes collection for my barbie. I bought it for Rp. 5000. Not as precise as the one made by Mattel but still loving it. But I still want a black shoes. Anyone want to give me?

Birthday Gift for Michelle

This is what my birthday gift for my lovely niece. I promised her barbie's dresses for her birthday when I got back from Geneva. Besides dresses, I make her a set of walking closet. One dresses closet with 9 dresses inside, necklaces, one shoes rack including the shoes, one coffee table with desk lamp and one bean bag. The gift exclude my barbie because she had 9 already :)

Bean Bag

I meant to make bean bag but instead of bean I put styrofoam that used to pack fruits. I got this idea from myfroggystuff's youtube video.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dresses Closet (2)


This is my second dresses closet I make in one year. This time I use shoes box to make it. I covered it with used gift wrap and put a scrap paper mirror and door handle. I use pencil as the bar and pushpin to hang necklace or bag on the door. I also put accent on the top and bottom part of the door. As closet's foot I use 4 bottle's lids on the bottom. The idea was combination from my experience and this blog.

Shoes Rack

I've seen one of video in youtube that use plastic container as shoes rack. But instead of buying plastic container, I used cardboard to make it. I also put used gift wrap around the box as an accent.

Desk Lamp

The idea of this desk lamp I got from this blog

Coffee Table

I made this coffee table from small plastic cookies jar. I put material to cover the jar and glued it to the jar lid. As an accent I put small ribbon around the lid. The cookies jar itself can be used to put barbie's shoes or accessories. It will be multifunction furniture.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pink Top & Gathered Skirt

I promise my niece dresses for her barbie on her birthday. And I had one week after my sister's wedding to prepared the gift. So I mix the gift between my hand crochet dress and the sewed one. She has nine 11.5" doll. So I need to add some new dress to the collection. Since the sewing machine ready to use, I tried new pattern I had. So this is the ninth dress I made for her. Still need more practice on sewing small dress. 

Grey Dress

A new collection in my barbie's wardrobe. This dress is one of the idea I got from this blog. But instead of no sew, I put a little accent on the neckline and armhole. This things turn out so beautiful and will be one of my favorite dress.