Sunday, April 24, 2016

Muslimah Dress for Frankie Stein

Another dress that ordered for Frankie Stein from Monster High Doll collection is a muslimah dress complete with th hijab. So here I am making one for Frankie Stein.

I choose the fabric with blue flower to match up the body colour of Frankie Stein. She sure look pretty with the outfit :)

Red and White Dress for Frankie Stein

My friend's daughter saw a barbie doll that given to me by another friend. She asked why my friend is giving the doll to me. My friend told her that I need this doll to be a mannequin for doll clothes I made. And she ask me whether I can make clothes for her Monster High Doll. And I said, I can make it but she has to lent me the doll because I don't have the doll.

So here I am doing the new project. I am not a fans of monster high dolls, but sure I can make one or two dresses for Frankie Stein.

Clothes for John Cena's Doll

I got a challenge to make John Cena's doll clothes from my friend children. So I create 3 pieces of clothes, one T-shirt, one sleeveless shirt and a sarong. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Green Helmet

Few days ago I worked on this helmet. It made of plastic egg that come with candies or stuffs inside and craft foam. The idea come from My Froggy Stuff. Fortunately my nephew had this small skateboard. So I be able to take this pictures. Even though barbie would love a scooter :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Source of Ideas

Do you ever wonder where the ideas of making dresses and other stuffs come from? I listed some of them on my blog walking on the right side of this page. My favorites are My Froggy Stuff, Fashion Doll Shoes, Crochet for Barbie & Miss B. Couture. There so many ideas come from them. Beside that sometime the idea just pop up in my mind or after I see in magazines. So...the ideas can come from everywhere. Hope this can give you and idea where you can look around :)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

3 Tier Blue Dress

I got this inspiration from here and with different size crochet needle, it turn out into different long of dress. My dress a little bit hard to push up, it a little bit to tight around the hips. But still, this is a pretty dress and I like it. 

Dresses from a Pair of Socks

A niece of mine was born last November. So she's getting bigger everyday and her little socks didn't fit anymore. After I got permission to turn the socks into barbie dresses I start to use my imagination and browse some video in youtube. And...this is how I turn a pair of socks into, little pink dresses. You can use zigzag stitch to prevent it from fraying. I haven't done mine.