Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pink Tote Bag

Another new bag collection. Small pink tote bag to match with other pink dress. This made of a scrap pink yarn.

Green Shell Purse

A new addition to my Barbie's bags collection. I've got the pattern from here. This bag will match with green shell dress & cape and other green clothes.

New Pink Halter Top

After looking for some more pattern, I found this halter pattern. Made of 2 piece of triangle and joined with simple chain behind the neck and single crochet at the bottom part. This halter top made with my scrap gradient of pink yarn. A perfect dress for summer time. Small pink tote bag matched nicely with the dress.

Burgundy Shirt

I used the same way with green pullover to make this shirt. But I make the neckline smaller so Barbie don't have to used something underneath the shirt. I also make it shorter the the green one due to limited scrap yarn I had.

Green Pullover

I found the inspiration for this pullover from one of my email from Annie's Knitting. It supposed to be a shawl or something like that. Since I don't have small knitting needle, I used ribbing pattern to make this. And it turn out to be a nice pullover. Add a matching bag before you go out.

Green Shell Dress & Cape

I used my scrap yarn to make this dress with the pattern from this blog. The ruffle at the bottom of the dress make it pretty. It also combine with ribbing part in the top of the dress. A cape can be added to the dress to make it more pretty for the evening event.

White Bikini

A new pair of bikini. A little bit of modification from this pattern because the size of yarn not the same. But it turn out quite nice. My Barbie ready to go to the beach and relax.

Black Bandana & Hairband


A new collection in My Barbie are black bandana and hairband. Basic accessories to had.


I also made a simple bracelet to match the necklace I made.


A few accessories has been added to my barbie collection. Some of them are necklace. I bought the beads in farmer markets in Ferney. Not many beads choices there but this one will work out. 

White Gown

I had a white yarn that I bought few weeks ago. But I don't know what to make out of it because after working with some number 10 yarn, this one seems to big. And then making white gown seems like the best way. Barbie has a white gown to complete the clothes collection.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Black Felt Jacket

This time I make the jacket with the same pattern I made for Steffi. The difference are in color and felt thickness. This is also had different neckline. The belt create with a silver lace as an accent to the jacket. With a match tote bag, Barbie ready to go.

Felt Vest

Easy vest to make. I got the pattern from here. I made it from black felt and add a ribbon on the bottom of the vest as decoration. 

Polka dot Dress

I got the pattern for the bodice from here. And I do a little bit modification on skirt. I bought the material and ribbon at Idee store in Bonn, Germany. Sewing small dress like this really need an effort. I like the way it turn out. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Paper Sandal

I was searching for a shoes. My Barbie definitely need more shoes because the one that come with the original dress just not fit with some dress I made. And I found this blog. A blog about making doll shoes. One of the posting about making paper sandal and give a free pattern. 
I used cereal box that have light brown color and use a small ribbon for sandal’s strip. It was OK. At least my Barbie had another footwear to take a picture with.

Hairband & Bandana





Hairband and bandana will be a nice accessories to have. Barbie’s long hair certainly need both of those things. 

Hat for Barbie

Some dress will be perfect if you add a hat in it. Or if you planning to go to the beach. Even Barbie need a hat. So far I make 3 crochet hat. One for Steffi and 2 for my Barbie. Planning to make some more if I found a nice hat pattern.

Bag for Barbie

hobo slouch bag
hobo slouch bag

black purse, peach purse, tote bag
peach purse

black purse

 tote bag
If I had some scrap yarn, one thing I want to do is making a bag out of it. A bag that match the dress. This are 4 of them and still think about making some more.